Nearing Seven Decades of Rubber Molding Know How

Since 1951, Rubber Specialties, Inc., has developed and produced custom rubber parts to meet your exact specifications.

As a leader in the industry, Rubber Specialties performs all methods of rubber molding, including injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding. With all of our molding methods we offer colored rubber production, and specialize in rubber-to-metal bonding. Aside from handling your custom rubber molding needs, we also operate as a distributor of industrial hoses.

Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Rubber Specialties is one of the few companies in the rubber molding industry that mixes our own rubber on site. Our in-house mixing lab is equipped with its own mill, press, and testing equipment, allowing us to design and test the best rubber compounds for your unique applications.

Bottom line: when it comes to rubber molding, we do it all at Rubber Specialties; and we do it fast. Requests for quotes receive prompt attention and returned with precise numbers. We maintain our own high-level standards of quality and turn raw materials into useful rubber products every day.

Why not give our services a try? Call us today to get the production of your rubber products underway… 952-888-9225.

Start-to-Finish Rubber Solutions…
we mix our own rubber on site.


Rubber Specialties, Inc. produces all sorts of rubber parts and bonded rubber-to-metal components for a variety of industries, including but not limited to: automotive parts, medical components, consumer products, and much more. When you opt to work with us for your rubber molding needs, the end result will be a rubber product that was mixed, molded, tested, and fully manufactured in the USA.